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Lamp with jewels1 360×271

I am trying my best to update my website and it is a long and winding road! (Sorry, I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately!)  I have learned that if I don’t just dive in, I am never gonna get wet!  The same goes for my making jewelry!  If I don’t try something new, my jewelry will become boring and I don’t want that to happen, do you? I have … Read More →

How about a Home Jewelry Party – like no other


There are many jewelry businesses out there that are Home Party based, but… Here is an easy way to have fun with your girlfriends and earn free jewelry.  What can be more fun? Snacks and drinks if you want, and trying on pretty things…can it get any better? The most effective party would be held at your home where you and your friends are the most comfortable, but you also … Read More →