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Jewelry Party at Home Like No Other

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Unigon Specialties and Denise wish to offer you a way to earn free jewelry

Do you like buying something at a home party, then waiting for it to arrive in the mail or by delivery truck?  That won’t happen at Unigon Specialties’ Jewelry Party at Home.  This is the party where you take home your treasures that very night. Unless, of course, you order a custom piece, made just for you.  But then, you don’t get to do THAT at other home jewelry parties, right?

If you’d like an idea of how Unigon Specialties’ Jewelry Party at Home is run, send us a message in the Contact Us tab in the top right. We’ll get back to you quickly with enthusiasm, information on our parties, and a torrent of ideas how to make your party a success with plenty of free jewelry for you!

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