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Meet our Team Members

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Our(Unofficial but very much loved) Team Members

This partial list is composed of the wonderful people who have shared their time helping Unigon Specialties become more professional and classy!

Amanda Woods

Amanda Woods

Woods On Fire Innovative Beauty

Amanda has been a wonderful friend, supporter and helper of Unigon Specialties. She first met Denise at a RAW show in September 2013. At the following RAW event, Unigon was featured at Amanda’s MakeUp Runway show. Several of her models donned Unigon’s new (themed) statement pieces to accent their makup. It was a special night.

In February 2014, Amanda was our lead Make Up Artist preparing Unigon’s 15 Models for Unigon’s first runway fashion show, dedicated to the artwear of Unigon!

Amanda Woods

Rob Ayres

Ayres Creative

Rob became a friend to Denise and Unigon back in October 2013. He became Denise’s All In One Beautifier! He is the photographer, make up artist and hair stylist for all the pics you see of Denise. He helped with Unigon’s RAW runway fashion show and has been a caring and encouraging friend.

CHad, Your Stylist

CHad, Your Stylist

Stylist at Azure Hair Studio.

CHad was another of the friends that Denise met at that fateful RAW event in October 2013. Since then, he became our lead Hair Stylist at Unigon’s Feb 2014 RAW runway fashion show.

aylafacecutAyla Hunter,

Cutest Employee

Ayla met Denise in 2014, and fell in love with her pieces of art. She started as Unigon and Denise’s #1 Fan, evolved into Denise’s apprentice, and is currently working at Unigon Specialties as the Marketing Manager.

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