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We strive to make your jewelry purchasing a smooth and rewarding adventure. However, just in case, Unigon Specialties stands behind all the jewelry we make. If you purchase a piece and it is not what you expect, please return it for an in-store credit. If, for some manufacturing reason, your Unigon Specialties piece breaks, please return it. We will repair it as soon as it arrives and return it to you, better than new. If there is a piece that cannot be repaired, we will be happy to replace it with another piece of Unigon’s jewelry of equal value. Please understand, wire wrap and some other pieces of jewelry cannot be repaired exactly, as they are a freeform style of creation. For repairs on a piece of jewelry older than 3 months, a fee will be based on the time it takes to repair the item and the cost of returning the piece to its owner. Please contact us via email Denise@unigonspecialties.com before sending a piece in for repair.

The Oops’s

We are human, and we make every attempt to avoid errors in pricing and product information, but if a mistake does occur, we reserve the right to correct it. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, as we are here to serve you. Please call 208-869-0822 or email her at Denise@unigonspecialties.com with any questions or concerns.


You are ordering through a secured system, so you can be confident that your information is safe.  All prices are in U.S. dollars. Promotions may not be combined with other offers.


Shipping will be a flat fee, up to 5 pieces (sets,) using the Postal Flat Fee. If you desire another form of shipping, please contact us, via email Denise@unigonspecialties.com. Shipping insurance is available for an additional fee.


Here at Unigon Specialties, we greatly value your friendship, so your personal information will never be given or sold to anyone.

We strive to make your jewelry purchasing a smooth and rewarding adventure.

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