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Learning, sharing, and getting wet!

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I am trying my best to update my website and it is a long and winding road! (Sorry, I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately!)  I have learned that if I don’t just dive in, I am never gonna get wet!  The same goes for my making jewelry!  If I don’t try something new, my jewelry will become boring and I don’t want that to happen, do you?

I have also expanded my jewelry making career by sorta becoming a mentor! A young lady came to my booth a few weeks ago at the Dreaming of Spring Vendor show. We struck up a conversation and we exchanged numbers. I was wondering if she will call.  She called and I am thrilled that she did! She doesn’t need a teacher, but someone to exchange ideas with, someone who likes to do what she likes and to think I was the one praying for just such a person!

I will write more as this new friendship grows!

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