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Learning, sharing, and getting wet!

I am trying my best to update my website and it is a long and winding road! (Sorry, I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately!)  I have learned that if I don’t just dive in, I am never gonna get wet!  The same goes for my making jewelry!  If I don’t try something new, my jewelry will become boring and I don’t want that to happen, do you?

I have also expanded my jewelry making career by sorta becoming a mentor! A young lady came to my booth a few weeks ago at the Dreaming of Spring Vendor show. We struck up a conversation and we exchanged numbers. I was wondering if she will call.  She called and I am thrilled that she did! She doesn’t need a teacher, but someone to exchange ideas with, someone who likes to do what she likes and to think I was the one praying for just such a person!

I will write more as this new friendship grows!

How about a Home Jewelry Party – like no other

There are many jewelry businesses out there that are Home Party based, but…

Here is an easy way to have fun with your girlfriends and earn free jewelry.  What can be more fun? Snacks and drinks if you want, and trying on pretty things…can it get any better? The most effective party would be held at your home where you and your friends are the most comfortable, but you also have the option of having the party at Denise’s home show room.

The Hostess Incentives make being a hostess fun and fabulous. The free jewelry possibilities can’t be topped. You will choose from the hand created one-of-a-kind pieces that are at your party, you keep that jewelry the night of your party.  (Your friends will also take home their beautiful purchases that night, but as hostess, you choose before the party!) There are other incentives, based on the total sales of your party and gift certificates for your friends that book future parties.

Over 150 pieces and sets, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and they are all unique. Made from Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled materials, as well as Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Brass and other base metals. Some pieces have genuine gemstones or simulated gems.  There are knotted pearl necklaces  and some gemstone beaded sets that are so unusual you might not know what they are made of. All the pieces vary from charming to enchanting, but the main focus of each piece is the special attention to detail.  Denise hopes you’ll notice.

For information regarding booking a party, please feel free to call Denise or email her.  She will work with you to make your party so successful that you’ll get lots of free and discounted jewelry without  going through too much preparation. Leave the set-up and tear down to Denise (she’s an old pro at this!)